Our service provides support with:

  1. Identifying benefit entitlement for people with disabilities and their carers.
  2. We take time to explain the benefit rules and criteria.
  3. Help to complete disability benefit entitlement forms.
  4. Support and advise the applicant to gather medical evidence to accompany the forms as part of the application process.
  5. If an application is unsuccessful we can assist the individual by assessing the merits of requesting a mandatory reconsideration of the decision/and or appealing an unsuccessful mandatory reconsideration decision.
  6. We can prepare the paperwork and assist our clients with tribunal cases. We have the discretion to attend with our most vulnerable client groups.
  7. We regularly liaise with the DWP to achieve successful outcomes.
  8. We take a holistic approach and signpost or refer to other organisations for help with things like occupational therapy assessments, money advice, discretionary housing payments, foodbank vouchers and disabled facility grants.
  9. We recognise that client cases are complex. We help to untangle complications and take a person centred approach. The benefits criteria can be challenging and confusing, We have excellent feedback from the people we have assisted through the benefits maze.
  10. We are successful with the majority of our cases that we take to appeal with our clients.


Feedback is really important to us and our funders, it is important that we hear from our clients when a decision has been received. We can go through extremely busy periods and you may need to wait for an appointment but we will always endeavour to see you as soon as possible and give interim advice where appropriate. Our service is very often in great demand and in order to help you to meet deadlines with applications and appeals we need you to contact for help or with feedback as soon as possible